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General Installation Guide:

1. Turn off car engine and remove key from ignition
2. If your radio uses a Security Code, make sure that you have the code before unplugging the radio.
3. Un-mount your radio from the dash in order to get access to the back side of the radio. Some vehicles require the special tools to remove the radio. Please consult your vehicle’s dealership or a local car audio professional if necessary.
4. Attach the Anycar-Link harness connector to the back of the stereo to the CD changer port. Be sure to make a firm connection but do not force it.
a) If there is a BLACK ground wire on the harness, you will need to attach it to the metal part of the car stereo chassis (car stereo body).
b) If there is a YELLOW power wire on the harness, you will need to attach it to the power of the car, which connect to battery
c) If there is a RED ACC wire on the harness, you will need to attach it to the ACC signal of the car.
Without attaching those cables to the right position, Anycar-Link interface will not work!
5. Check DIP-switch if set up correctly.
6. Connect Anycar-Link with harness. AL-1080A and AL-1080B connect as picture 1, AL-1080C and AL-1080D connect as picture 2
7. If the harness with a 1/8'' (3.5mm) stereo jack input, you can insert it to CDC position for continuing to use your existing CD Changer.
8. For model AL-1080A/B, insert iPod,USB disk or SD Card. For PC, PSP, MD, Mobile Phone etc aux device, please connect it to Aux in port. (Please refer to usage manual about file setup and edit)
9. For model AL-1080C/D, connect the iPod cable to the iPod. Turn on the iPod. Now you should hear the sound coming from the car stereo speakers.
10. Once the interface is connected to the radio, you will need to test the operation of the interface before re-assembling the dash. With the operation of the interface confirmed, you may continue with the installation. If you experience difficulties with the installation, please see our troubleshooting section.
11. Turn your car stereo on and switch it over to CD Changer mode. In order to do so you can use Disk / Mode / CD / SOURCE / AUX buttons on your car stereo (depending on the stereo type). Now the Anycar-Link will run, please proceed to the next chapter for usage manual.
Note: for some cars like Lexus, Toyota, Honda, and Acura cars after turning your stereo on you have to turn ignition off and then on for device to get recognized.
12. Find a place where you can place Anycar-Link. In many cars there is enough room in the dash to place Anycar-Link.
Note: Make sure you mount Anycar-Link in a place with enough room so when you mount the car stereo back you do not break the interface.
13. Mount your car stereo back into the dash, make sure it’s clips or screws are secure.
14. For some AUDI stereo the additional part or harness modification required in order to gain the access to the CD changer port. The 8-pin CD changer port on such stereos is occupied by solid 20-pin connector. So need to connect with our special Audi cable.


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